██ 14—28 July 2017 
██ 21—24 September 2017  AND Festival  Castleton, Peak District National Park (UK)
██ 25—29 October 2017 IMPAKT  Utrecht (NL)

██ The Fragility of Life is a short film by Simone C. Niquille that follows Teresa Barnwell, a Hillary Clinton impersonator, in the final days leading up to the 2016 US Presidential Elections. With music by Sam Wolk and Jeff Witscher.

The work is part of ongoing research project The Contents on body standards embedded in 3d capture and modelling technologies. Used for a wide spectrum of applications, from movie special effects, to forensic investigation, to biometric identification, these technologies define much of how the human body and identity is represented and perceived in digital space. Through film, artefacts and interviews, The Contents challenges parametric constructs of corporeality.

██ Conversation on The Fragility of Life with Femke Snelting & Jara Rocha of Possible Bodies ↳

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